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August 2015


An Easy Way to Update Your Closet.

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A little trick I've picked up along the way is giving your wardrobe an easy refresh by reviving things you no longer wear or only wore a few times, and taking them to a tailor to turn them into things you'd wear all over again. Seems like an easy enough solution right? These pants used to be really wide-legged and only hugged my waist. I asked my tailor to take them in starting from the hip areaย to hug my thighs a bit more, and to add a slit that comes up to right below my knee. And just like that, $10 later, I had a b[...]

Hot Tropics.

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This LA heat definitely has me ready for our trip to the Caribbean in two days, it's so hot and humid here right now I feel like I'm already there. I've been prepping my outfits for packing and I figured I'd just give myself a little taste of what's to come by wearing some of the pieces I purchased for the trip - this amazing white Minimale Animale one-piece swimsuit that I bought at their sample sale last weekend being one of them. The shorts I'm wearing are black high-waisted vintage Levis pants that I cut into shorts. I w[...]


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It's pretty amazing how you can say so much by doing so little, do so much by saying so little, and make bold statements by wearing minimal clothing. In these fantastic photos shot by the very talented Diane Abapo of Suspend Mag, I dressed up the simplest bralette (that I wear all the time) and high-waisted black Hudson Jeans, with a white blazer and the amazing accessories from Stunner Collective. Then I let my eyes do the rest of the talking. Also wearing Urban Decay's Matte Revolution Lipstick in "Bad Blood". More photos[...]

Burning Man Meets Downtown Chic.

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Since I won't make Burning Man this year because of my birthday trip, I wanted to live my BM dreams on these DTLA streets, in my everyday attire. I put together an outfit that was a "city" take on pieces you would see at Burning Man, and coupled it with my typically minimal style. The base of course being my trusty Hudson Jeans and a basic white tee, I then adorned myself in nearly all of the incredible pieces that Stunner Collective sent me, threw on my new Brixton hat with the amazing rope detail, this gorgeous suede fring[...]
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One of the best quotes I’ve ever come across …

Took an eerily accurate personality test a few days ago, and found out I'm an ENFP-A. Also then came across this quote, and I can't tell you how perfectly timed its introduction into my life was. It summed up every single emotion I was feeling in that very moment; the passion, the fire, the heartache and homesickness that comes with any turning point in life, the love, both new and old, the fear ... everything. "It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for - and if you dare to dream of m[...]


After 2-3 weeks in the shadowsย of transitional turmoil (lol, but seriously though), I am back in full effect with my first "Favorites" video! This video highlights my August Favorites - all the items I've been enamoured with this entire month. I can officially say that "1993" is my new favorite Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick shade, Clinique Chubby Sticks are the best face toys (LOL), and Capsule Parfumsย still have my heart (make sure to use code "BEAUTIFULIFE10" to receive 10% off your purchase if you decide to[...]