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Easy Meals 02 – Honey, I’m Gonna Leaf You in the Morning.

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Leaves in the morning?? I know, I know. When I make this for friends for the first time, some of them look at me reluctantly, with a mild distaste, and say something along the lines of, "Really dude? You eat salad in the morning too?" I just smirk at them and give a confident and reassuring, "Trust me." This is aΒ satisfying yet not over-filling breakfast that I make often because it's really tasty, easy, so quick to make (it's another 15-minute meal), and of course, healthy! Although I generally tend to keep my diet carb[...]

Easy Evening.

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Sometimes all you need for an easy evening ensemble is a one-piece jumpsuit with peekaboo details. Throw on some strappy metallic heels and metallic accessories, and you're good to go. This jumpsuit used to have a wider leg but I brought them to my trusty tailor and he took them in and gave them that flattering tapered trouser fit. The open back and side cutout details are what I really loved about this jumpsuit when I picked it up at a random boutique in the valley that I no longer remember the name of. Statement neckl[...]

Easy Meals 01 – Chicken Breast, Arugula, Quinoa, Lemon Vinaigrette.

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I'm happy to say that I'm going to start including more food on my blog; both food that I eat at restaurants, and the meals I prepare myself. Eating healthy is a conscious decision I made a few years ago (after an entire lifetime of eating like a ridiculous, ignorant, and careless human being), and since then, my quality of life has improved drastically. To be clear, I'm no chef, and I won't proclaim myself a foodie. Although I LOVE food and eating (those who really know me know that I never stop eating), I wholehearted[...]

We Have All the Lack of Time in the World.

"We have all the time in the world." ... coined some person whose time in this world is now done. Throughout life we are taught to practice two very different ideals: patience, and urgency. We are taught that we should go out and do things right now because the world is at our fingertips and we can have it all; but we are also taught that we can't have it all at once. So many of the feelings that we have throughout life - examples being feelings of accomplishment, inadequacy, fervor, or stagnancy - are all intrinsicall[...]
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Let Death Be What Takes Us, Not Lack of Imagination.

In this insanely beautiful and inspiring talk by BJ Miller, Executive Director at Zen Hospice, we are invited to change the way we think about dying. With Zen Hospice's MO being "Our mission is to help change the experience of dying", and BJ Miller himself being a victim of a life-threatening electrical accident that took 3 of his limbs and almost his life, you can imagine the profoundly heightened sense of awareness as well as the rare, and acutely developed human perspective he has on life and on living, that he so won[...]


The color blue has always been, and will always be my favorite non-neutral color. It is the only color that I love in all of its countless variations, particularly when it reaches its deep navy tones, its bright cobalts, and its faint periwinkles. The color blue is actually one of the main reasons I have my heart set on traveling to Greece and Iceland next year, because it is such a prevalent hue in both countries. Whether it is the sky, the ocean, paint, whatever form it comes in, it doesn't matter ... the color blue has al[...]