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This Tobi Shearling Vest is my new Fall/Winter staple that I plan on styling in a number of ways. Its beautiful, simple, minimalist yet really stylish appeal makes it a really versatile piece fitting for a range of outfits. It's pretty, it's warm, it's affordable, and it feels really good on your body. It keeps your torso warm while letting your skin breathe! That's not something you hear every day. I styled it with my Hudson Nico Super Skinnies and my trusty Nine West heels. !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p; if(!doc.[...]


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I will always feel very at home in earthy/neutral - beiges, tans, sands, olives, blacks, etc. I knew these Faryl Robin x Free People Gold Dust Ankle Boots would pair perfectly with my olive Tobi Hooded Midi Dress as soon as I laid eyes on them. I accessorized with a vintage suede vest, a matching thin waist belt, and my Brixton Tiller Hat. In my opinion, this outfit as a mix of hippie, bohemian and artsy, pulling small bits of inspiration from all 3 and coming together to convey what I like to think of as a free-spirite[...]


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I've put together these 4 Fall looks in collaboration with Tobi and Faryl Robin! What I really like about Tobi is they do up-to-date minimalist silhouettes in various neutral/timeless colorways; all at great price points. They have a really wide selection of styles on their site and I can guarantee there's something for everyone.Β Faryl Robin shoes are both absolutely beautiful and incredibly comfortable. As someone who began forcing myself to wear heels again just earlier this year, quality and comfort are essential, an[...]
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DSCVRD: Trunkster

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Ladies and gents, I'd like to introduce you to Trunkster. These guys aren't joking when they say they're revolutionizing travel and luggage. Its sleek, minimalist design, coupled with its array of ingenious so-obviously-functional-why-hadn't-anyone-done-these-before features (like a built-in power supply and zipperless entry) makes it something truly worth investing in, especially if you're a traveler. If you take a minute to watch the video above, I have no doubt it'll make you a supporter/believer, just as it did me. I[...]


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I'm sure you're probably thinking, "Wow, this girl realllllly loves her eggs, cheese, quinoa, and greens." In all honesty, the truth is that yes, most of my homecooked meals are just variations of combinations and flavors, with many of the same ingredients - for a number of reasons. 1. My palate tends to crave the same things just with different methods of preparation, 2. I know these ingredients are good for me, and 3. It makes grocery shopping easy. I've been experimenting with this one for a little bit now, and I[...]


I had the pleasure of attending/covering Urban Decay's #COLORUNLEASHED blogger event at Elysian LAΒ in celebration of their beautiful new VICE4 palette. It was an all-around successful event with fantastic ambiance and a great turnout. In attendance was an all-star roster of influential young women from beauty bloggers to DJ's to models. Scroll through the photos to see if any of your favorites were there! First 2 photos by Diane Abapo of Suspend Mag, the rest by yours truly. My photos will be up on their blog, so pls mak[...]