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February 2016

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“Arnelle Lozada Is Getting Rid of the Fluff” via Create + Cultivate.

Create + Cultivate is a powerful community and nationwide conference that brings female entrepreneurs and influencers together from around the world to empower one another and their audiences. That said, you can imagine my sheer excitement when they told me they wanted to collaborate with me and feature me on their site/blog! They interviewed me to discuss blogging in general, "blogging for good", and my humanitarian work with Humanity Unified. I sincerely love their write-up and am so honored to be considered a part of this[...]

Beach Chic.

Who says you can't wear heels to beach town? When they're as comfortable as these Alias Mae heels, you can wear them wherever your little heart desires. This is what I wore while running around Venice, CA yesterday. It was definitely a hot day, but this GoJane bodysuit and Romwe blazer are lightweight enough to wear even on a sunny Cali day. I, personally, love the juxtaposition between the chic-ish ensemble and the straw fedora that I found there in Venice. I accessorized with the tan belt, tan Fossil watch, a ta[...]


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In this vlog I recap our adventures during my 24-hour layover in Amsterdam! Pls forgive the constant movement in the shots, I was trying to shoot while walking because I wanted to see as much as possible! A huge thank you to Jasper of Mophie, again, for lacing me up with the best Mophie gear to keep me powered up during all my travels, and for being such a great host and showing me around! #StayPowerful. Enjoy![...]

24 Hours and 25,000 Steps in Amsterdam.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS My 24 hours in Amsterdam was a highly successful first trip to the city. A huge thank you to Jasper of Mophie for showering me with the best Mophie travel gear (Space Pack and Powerstation Plus 4x), and for showing me around and giving me the Cliff Notes version of a local's guide to the city. In my 7ish hours of daylight with him, he showed me Central Station, the Rijksmuseum, one of the two #IAMSTERDAM signs, the Red Light District, the Mophie Headquarters Garden, the Gentleman's Canal (amongst t[...]

A Souvenir For You. (GIVEAWAY!)

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I decided on this trip to Rwanda that I'm purchasing a souvenir for one of my readers at every destination I travel to, as my way of saying "Thank You" for being here. I'm currently sitting at the Kigali Airport reflecting on what's been a life-changing trip, and I'm just filled with an overwhelming desire to give, give back, and show love. Thus, this idea was born. Because of the humanitarian work we've been doing and the incredibly compassionate people I've met here, this trip is easily one of the most important I have[...]

Arnelle’s Gone Wild.

AKAGERA NATIONAL PARK, RWANDA I've been saying for quite some time now that once I "retire", if I ever do (probably not though because I plan on doing what I love until I die), I'd like to become a wildlife photographer. Partially because I love photography, partially because I love animals, and partially because I love that becoming a wildlife photographer often goes hand in hand with becoming an animal activist. So many things to do in this lifetime. So. Many. Things. read more[...]