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Win a Trip For Two to Tequila, Mexico!

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If you follow along on my Instagram (hopefully you do), you know that last month I, along with an amazing group of fellow travelers and shooters, took a very special trip to Tequila, Mexico in partnership with Tequila Tourism, National Geographic, and Aeromexico. During that trip we had the privilege of experiencing all that the town has to offer, and we learned that "Tequila" is so much more than just an alcoholic beverage. From a visit of the agave farms at sunrise with a breakfast on the field,Β touring the Jose C[...]

Simplicity + Evolving.

For those of you who are newer followers of mine on Instagram and who perhaps haven't scrolled that far down on my feed, the simplicity of this look + the short blonde hair might be a surprise to you, given my long, dark braids and textured, layered, highly accessorized style as of late. Sure, what I wear to the beach will be very different from what I wear while roaming around a town or city, but more importantly, my personal style is ever-evolving. As I scroll back through my Instagram I, myself, can see the chan[...]


I still have a few Maui style posts to throw up, and this was one of my favorite looks during that trip! This Romwe Apricot Playsuit is dreamy. Lightweight, flowing, breathable, with a silhouette designed to perfection. I'm definitely bringing this playsuit with me to Santorini at the end of this month, because the colorway will go perfectly with that scenery as well. I paired it with these comfortable gladiator sandals from GoJane, a thin brown leather belt, and a floppy hat that I purchased from a b[...]
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In Other Words, Faith.

PREFACE: Yes, this post has a preface. It's a long one. But hopefully, it's one you'll find worth the read. 2016 has really begun to unfold into something unlike anything I could have ever imagined.Β I had traveled a decent amount before this year but definitely incomparable to the amount of travel I've done in just the first quarter of 2016. We all know travel teaches you volumes about the world, but what is equally fascinating is how much it teaches you about yourself. When you've spent a fair amount of time visiting va[...]


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I'm not really sure why you've chosen to follow along on my blog, but I suppose it could be for a number of reasons. Whether it be that you love adventure, you love laughter, you love geeking out, or you're just trying to find yourself like little ol' me, I am humbled by your presence and forever grateful for you. That said, this is a quick, fun little video I put together as a thank you to you - my readers, followers, and subscribers - simply for being here, and for being you. I may or may not be lipsync serenading you[...]

Well Done.

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One way to accentuate your newly super-tan "well-done" skin is to wear a slightly less tan jumpsuit. ;) Wore this lovely Abella Jumpsuit from Sabo Skirt while roaming around Bali one day. It's really long on my petite self so a chunky heel is a must. The simplicity in its design make it really easy to dress up and accessorize. I spruced it up with my straw fedora (I literally bring one of these everywhere), my Nine West heels, this gorgeous handmade "Bali" bag (that I'm hosting a giveaway for here on my blog, details[...]