24 Hours and 25,000 Steps in Amsterdam.


My 24 hours in Amsterdam was a highly successful first trip to the city. A huge thank you to Jasper of Mophie for showering me with the best Mophie travel gear (Space Pack and Powerstation Plus 4x), and for showing me around and giving me the Cliff Notes version of a local’s guide to the city. In my 7ish hours of daylight with him, he showed me Central Station, the Rijksmuseum, one of the two #IAMSTERDAM signs, the Red Light District, the Mophie Headquarters Garden, the Gentleman’s Canal (amongst the million other canals we also walked across), Screaming Beans where we ate and sipped delicious coffee in relaxing ambiance, and a few other areas whose names are escaping me at the moment.

The entire city looked like a classic painting, and the sun backlit the famous canals in a picturesque and unforgettable way. When you’re there you feel a bit like you’ve traveled through time, because for the most part the architecture hasn’t changed drastically since the Golden Age (1500-1600s) when the city was at its peak of development. They’re great about preserving their historical aesthetic. It was wonderful to see the white trims, the wall-to-wall leaning buildings, the gabled architecture, and the bridges over canals that are so distinctly Amsterdam, that I had only seen online prior to my visit.

The great thing about adventuring with a local is they never take you through all the tourist traps in the city. We maneuvered through its alleyways and streets particularly unbothered by oversaturation of foot/bike/car traffic (in some areas it’s really just unavoidable). Come an hour after nightfall, we had traveled a total of 25,000 steps, and I was happy to hop back on the train and retreat to my incredibly cozy, modern, and comfortable room at the CitizenM Hotel by Schipol Airport. If you ever have a chance to do a 24-hour layover in a great city, do it. It’s a great way to pack in a full day of culture, learning, and adventuring.IMG_2689 IMG_2711 IMG_2703IMG_2776IMG_3162bIMG_3076IMG_3033-2IMG_2951IMG_2740IMG_2749IMG_2754IMG_2756IMG_2787IMG_2821IMG_2829IMG_2877IMG_2881IMG_2890IMG_2901IMG_2909IMG_2920IMG_2980IMG_2989IMG_3106IMG_3193IMG_3213IMG_3222IMG_3235IMG_3245IMG_3255

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