A Little Birthday Reflection.


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Today I spent my 31st birthday in the service of others, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

In my time working in Kigali, Rwanda with Humanity Unified, I’ve learned many things – about the living conditions in this country, the history that defines it, and most importantly, the state of its inhabitants as a result of the incredibly unfortunate incidents that happened years ago. When I come here I am repeatedly faced with the hard reality that not only are the people who live in poverty here completely unaware of what it means to thrive in life, but they are unaware of what it means to “love” their partner. They live to survive, and they marry out of obligation. That’s it. That’s all they know.

We too often forget that our simplest pleasures are luxuries for others. How lucky are we that we can have nice dinners with friends on Friday nights and not stress about how to put food on the table? How lucky are we that we can simply use a phone to reach our family? How lucky are we that we get to find love and marry for love, not because of societal or sexual obligation? How lucky are we that we get to live lives led by self-actualization? That we have not only the opportunity, but the luxury, to find our “purpose” in life, and do the things that actually make us happy … not simply the things that keep us alive?

My friends, my loved ones … my people who are blessed to have the internet, computers, and cell phones to read this right now … it is not only your human right, but your duty to mankind, to do what it is that makes you happy, to find and be with the person that makes you happy, and to live a life that fulfills YOU. For yourself, and for those who can’t. And then most importantly, it is your duty to spread love and to give back to those who can’t. The only thing that will break the cycles of poverty, of hate, of division in this world, the only thing that will incite change, is if we love our fellow human beings and we help one another. I’m most certain that you’ll find that loving yourself and doing what makes you happy, goes hand in hand with loving others, helping others, and making them happy. This is our right. This is our duty. ❤️

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