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IMG_8784I decided on this trip to Rwanda that I’m purchasing a souvenir for one of my readers at every destination I travel to, as my way of saying “Thank You” for being here. I’m currently sitting at the Kigali Airport reflecting on what’s been a life-changing trip, and I’m just filled with an overwhelming desire to give, give back, and show love. Thus, this idea was born.

Because of the humanitarian work we’ve been doing and the incredibly compassionate people I’ve met here, this trip is easily one of the most important I have taken and will ever take in my life. It has been the perfect catalyst to kickstart my lifetime of proactively “giving back” that begins now, and that is exactly what this jewelry set means to me. It marks this turning point in my life, and I purchased it for one of you to have.

These pieces (necklace and bangles) were handmade from brass and cow bone by a very talented designer here in Rwanda by the name of Abraham Conga. His work is truly beautiful and unique, and I know it will be the perfect, meaningful addition to one of your stylish wardrobes. To enter to win this jewelry set, simply follow @HumanityUnified on Instagram, tag 3 friends to raise awareness about our cause, and make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter. The winner will be announced in my newsletter going out this Sunday morning.

I can’t wait to select the winner and ship it out to you myself! Love you all, my #BeautifuLifers. :)

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