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I’ve always been into shoes, but my loved ones have definitely noticed a growing “shoe thing” with me lately, mostly consisting of strappy heels, stilettos, and pumps because I’m trying to refine my wardrobe and dress my age, as you may have read in my Young Lady post. Β But from time to time, sometimes all you want to do is slip on a great pair of sneakers to give your poor feet a break, but when you do it, you don’t want to compromise style or aesthetic (at least I don’t).Β I dropped the self-proclaimed sneakerhead thing a long time ago, but I’ll never stop loving a beautiful/comfortable pair of sneakers, and these are it: the Reebok Ventilators, and these Reebok Blacktop wedges. All super loud and I don’t care, I’m actually rather fond of how bold of a statement they make. When you slip any of these on it’s like yelling, “HEY WORLD, I’M WEARING SNEAKERS TODAY!”, and I have to admit I’ve kind of always been into the neon sneaker thing, but when done right. I like to style them with really toned down outfits, like an all blackΒ ensemble with sweats and a bright lip color, or really fitted dark denim and a basic feminine white tee. I’ll have some photos of how I style these by this wknd!




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