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This year has blown by and along the way, to my sincere surprise (I say this with all the humility in this heart of mine), I’ve somehow found myself living what might actually be something remarkably close to my best life. I’m not exactly sure how that came to be – it was a mixture of meeting the right people, dedicating myself wholeheartedly to my craft, asking the right questions, and being ready for opportunities that came while being hungry enough to create my own – but I can honestly say that no matter how hard I worked, the way this year unfolded for me was because of something much bigger than me. It was stars aligning … so many stars aligning; and every time I take a step back to reflect on this year I have an emotional moment with myself because it’s tremendously fulfilling when you finally, finally feel like your realizing your full potential. I am thankful every single day for this.

What’s more, is it is an equally incredible feeling when a brand that you’ve always admired that has pioneered the platform for people like you, recognizes and sees your work and your efforts as worthwhile, and worth talking about. On that note, I’m so excited to share that my feature interview on is now live. In it, I talk about my adventures, my travel essentials, my humanitarian efforts, and how to get into the type of work that I do, so please check it out if you can! This was the most amazing start to the final quarter of this year. <3

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