It’s here! My vlog from Rwanda, Africa that highlights Humanity Unified, our time there and the work we did (plus additional bonus footage from the safari we went on) is FINALLY here, and I’m so thrilled to share it. I had an incredible first time there and it was definitely one of my most personally fulfilling trips. Not only did I meet incredibly inspiring people but I learned so much about the country and its past, and how it so heavily dictates its current economic state. Through this trip I made connections with new individuals and faces that I’m excited to develop through our continuous work on this project. A huge, huge thank you to Blurb Books for making this trip possible for us. If you’ve been following my blog, you’re well aware of Blurb and the amazing bookmaking platform that they are, empowering creatives just like myself – photographers, designers, authors, artists, and more – to bring their digital creations to life via some of the most gorgeous printed materials you’ve ever seen. I made a photo book with Blurb for my Trinidad & Tobago trip and I still fawn over it on my coffee table. I’ll be making another photo book in partnership with them for this trip to Rwanda, Africa as well, so please stay tuned for that! In the meantime, please enjoy my vlog along some of the photos I captured and the official Humanity Unified video that I shot/edited.

To learn more about our initiatives, our work, and our organization, or to get involved, please visit HumanityUnified.org!

Blurb® is an independent bookmaking platform and community that enables personal bookmakers, authors, designers, photographers and businesses to create, publish, sell, and distribute photo books, trade books, and magazines in print and digital formats. With free book creation and layout tools, Blurb simplifies self-publishing for everyone. Preserve your memories, share your adventures, and make a book at www.blurb.com.

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