#BEAUTIFULIFE VLOG 12 – Tattoo Time (Again)

Yesterday I visited Lyle Tuttle tattoo shop in North Beach, San Francisco to get a tattoo (or two). It’s been over two years since I got my last tattoo so I was long overdue. My friends Alanna and John picked me up and we had a full-on tattoo party at the shop, complete with beers (I don’t drink beer but I had a sip lol) and tattoos all around. “Nowhere to go but everywhere” is from On the Road Again by Jack Kerouac. Even as a simple, standalone statement like that, out of context, I believe it’s so fitting for me because it represents how much travel has become a part of me. Travel has taught me so much about the world and about myself, and for me, this quote conveys a life on the open road, full of endless possibilities, centered around travel and the enriching experiences it brings. The second tattoo is a Penrose Triangle. It’s an “impossible” object that represents strength and infinity. I love the idea of an object that’s “impossible” in the physical, but is possible in our minds because we can obviously think it/see it/process it. For me, it’s a visual reminder to take steps toward achieving the impossible.

This vlog feels a little different from my others, because it’s more real-time and casual (it doesn’t have me sitting in front of the camera in my room and talking about a past experience to reflect back on it), and I plan on doing many more in this format. They’re much easier to shoot/edit this way so it hopefully means more videos consistently. This is the goal for the new year.

Happy Holidays to you all! Sending you all my love. Enjoy! :)

PS. Sorry mom and dad. Love you both. 😀

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