My boyfriend Emil and I celebrated our first NYE together in Malta. A lot of people have asked how we decided on Malta, and the answer is simply that we googled “warmest places in Europe during Winter”, and Malta was one of the options. Make no mistake, the climate isn’t anything like countries around the equator during this season, but it’s still certainly warm for Europe. Malta was once a part of Italy, and it was also once under British rule; so you’ll find bits of Italian, British, even French influence in the cityscape. You’ll notice its walls and architecture are primarily limestone (we actually found some of the quarries where they source this limestone, you’ll see in the video), so the cities are blanketed in this gorgeous neutral tan/beige hue that warms up under the sunlight. The traditional “Maltese” cuisine is influenced by Italian and Mediterranean styles, and we found ourselves devouring hearty vegetarian soups, Mediterranean salads, and savory risottos.

It was our first trip with just the 2 of us, so it was a great place to have a relaxing, romantic, and more secluded holiday, as this time of year is typically off-season for the island. We stayed in an absolutely stunning Airbnb in Rabat, where we spent all of our nights together with music, movies, and glasses of wine and beer. We visited Valletta, Mdina, Bastions Viewpoint, Dingli Cliffs, Qrendi, and Dwejra Bay along with Azure Window in Gozo. If you ever find yourself in Malta, absolutely make the ferry trip over to Gozo, it’s well worth it. We’re sad we didn’t have time to visit Comino, but we’ll be back at some point.

I hope the vlog does the beautiful island some justice! Make sure you stay for the funny moments at the end of the video. :)


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