#BEAUTIFULIFE Vlogumentary 2 – Rwanda With Humanity Unified.

I’m really excited to share this video as it is our second Vlogumentary (our series of videos that are hybrids between vlogs and mini-documentaries), and it highlights very real impact Humanity Unified has made, and the visible progress of the community we work with as a result. This past trip felt different from my first 2 because it was clear that by that point the women knew we were there to stay. They knew by then that we truly have their well-being in mind, and it showed in their warm greetings, their bright smiles, and their heartfelt embraces. Our genuine excitement to see them was reflected in their faces by their genuine excitement to see us, and I found myself feeling more at home with the community than ever.

This piece is the first of many under Mindful Travel, Emil’s and my joint project which we will be using as our platform to create quality, meaningful, compelling content that inspires, spreads love, and utilizes travel as a tool for provoking empathy and inciting positive change. Many of our joint videos will also live on the Mindful Travel YouTube Channel going forward, so please subscribe there as well!

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