#BEAUTIFULIFE Vlogumentary 3 – Safari With Cheetah Plains

In celebration of #NaturePhotographyDay, I’m super excited to share our third Vlogumentary – “Safari With Cheetah Plains”. During our recent trip to South Africa, we were lucky enough to visit Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve and partner up with Cheetah Plains and Jaci’s Sabi House, two amazing sister safari lodges that do an incredible job of immersing you in the surrounding environment and wildlife so that you leave with a greater understanding and a sense of ownership of the land and its inhabitants. Their hope is that getting by you as close to the animals as possible, and allowing you the extreme privilege of coexisting with them in their natural habitats, it will compel you to care for them and help preserve and protect them the way they do.

Their methods absolutely worked wonders on us. When Emil and I arrived in Sabi Sands, we definitely already had a sincere love for wildlife and environmental conservation, but when we left, we were enamored by the spirit of the Sabi Sands bush; the beautiful landscape teeming with wildlife, the crisp sunrises and fiery sunsets, the occasional silence and stillness permeated by the sounds and songs of the countless species that call it home.

We had the extreme privilege of sitting down and speaking with an array of amazing people, from David Powrie, the Warden of Sabi Sands, to Rexon Ntiname, the superstar expert safari guide and tracker, + more, to learn about the significant anti-poaching efforts and conservation work they’re doing within the game reserve. Thanks to their endless hard work, despite recent (and very tragic) disturbances in the Rhino population, the wildlife population is growing and thriving yet again.

I can’t tell you how amazing this experience was. From meeting all the incredible people (workers and fellow guests alike), to eating all the delicious food, hopping out of our vehicle and sipping wine out in the bush amongst the impala, watching a herd of 32 elephants for almost an hour, tracking the Styx Pride, and hearing the Birmingham Male Lions roar on both sides of our vehicle … the Sabi Sands chapter of our South African adventure was absolutely unforgettable and impossible to replicate, even with Emil‘s serious filmmaking and editing skills.

Huge thanks to Cheetah Plains and Jaci’s Sabi House for being so incredibly kind and accommodating, and for welcoming us into their wonderful little families. Thank you to everyone who was willing to be speak on camera to help us share the beauty of the Sabi Sands wildlife and community, and thank you to Emil, for shooting and editing yet another amazing piece from our travels for us to share.

I hope you enjoy! A photo recap post of this adventure is soon to follow!

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