#BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS 02 – My Everyday Face Routine.

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I’m realizing one video per week with a full time job is an incredibly ambitious goal, but I’m determined to keep this consistency up (at least 3 videos per month). In today’s #BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS video, I share my daily makeup routine. 2 things to note: I’m sick and losing my voice so I sound like a cross between a frog and a man-witch, and I look 12 years old without any makeup on. Lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, this is great for anyone with thin eyebrows like myself, who want to go for a more natural look! Shop all the exact products I use below.

To quickly add an important note to this: I sadly realized that there’s a chunk of my voiceover missing between 4:01 and 4:18 where I briefly describe my technique when applying winged eyeliner. Really sorry about that unfortunate tidbit, and to make up for it, I’ll do a whole separate winged eyeliner tutorial! 😀

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  • Alexis
    June 15, 2015

    Arnelle!! Does the Neutrogena shine control primer work well for you? I have oily skin too and I’ve been looking for something that helps keep my oily skin in check.

    • arnellelozada
      June 16, 2015

      Hi Alexis! Yes it does! It definitely keeps my oily skin under control for the majority of the day, and when I need a quick touchup (if I go to a dinner or something) then I just quickly dust on the powder that I use in this video. I would definitely recommend these products! Just make sure you don’t use too much in one sitting or it will leave a very faint white film on your skin until it’s fully absorbed. But if you portion it out well (about the size of a pea works well for me), it won’t leave any white at all and is completely invisible.

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