Big Sis’ Birthday + EatWith.

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This past weekend we celebrated my sister’s birthday in a multititude of ways, but I’ll dedicate this particular post to the actual party on Saturday night with EatWith. If you haven’t checked out EatWith yet, make sure you do. It’s a series of amazingly talented chefs in various parts of the world, hosting dinner parties at their houses and other private venues. It’s such a great way to meet new people or sit down with friends and family over a phenomenal meal in an intimate setting. It stimulates delightful conversation and has a vibe unlike anything I’ve experienced in the past and is more than just a meal, it’s an experience. Durations of each private event can average about 2.5 hours, so plan on spending some quality time basking in the ambiance. Also, pricing is really reasonable considering how many courses the meals have, and you’re usually welcome to bring your own liquor!

We were lucky enough to be hosted at the actual EatWith office, a penthouse loft overlooking AT&T Ballpark in SF. The air was thick with joy and love and we were surrounded by family and some of my sister’s closest friends. We played our own music, and although our experience (appropriately dubbed an “Elegant Tailgate”) was only allotted for about 4.5 hours, but we ended up staying well over that, and the chef Kieran and his team were so welcoming and treated us with exceptional care. Despite how many of us there were and how long we stayed for, there was still a surplus of alcohol (wine, whiskey, and vodka), to last us all throughout the night. We danced, we sang, we laughed, we ate (gloriously), and all in all, for lack of a better phrase, it was an epic night.

A big thank you to EatWith for hosting us in their space and Kieran and his team for the unforgettable meal, an even bigger thank you to EatWith for selecting my photo (above) as the weekly winner in their Instagram contest meaning I won a free meal (!!!), and the biggest thank you to my sister Nathania for being born and to our parents for creating/birthing her (lol), we wouldn’t have had these amazing memories to share otherwise.

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Tuna brochettes with a ginger gastrique.


Grilled oysters with a warm curry sauce and Serrano pepper.


Grilled wagyu beef kabob with a blisted tomato hollandaise.


New England lobster roll with a cold cracked Maine lobster house made roll and special sauce.


Pork belly sliders on house made pretzel buns with banana ketchup and southern slaw.

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