Blacked Out.

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IMG_9743IMG_9731IMG_9750IMG_9754IMG_9778IMG_9800IMG_9820IMG_9816IMG_9806IMG_9830There’s nothing quite like an outfit that makes you feel like Neo from the Matrix or Kylo Ren from Star Wars. Not sure if you’ve noticed by now but I’m extremely partial to long things that blow in the wind and create drama when you walk. I layered my BCBG moto jacket over this awesome GoJane Double Slit Maxi because it was freezing in Berkeley yesterday. I love that you can close the buttons and wear it like a dress, or open them and wear it like a light trench coat, like I did here. Wore these over a plain white tank, my favorite blue Hudson Jeans, black moto boots from Nine West, GoJane sunglasses, and this amazing one of a kind vinyl clutch with matte black spikes that my good friend Zach made for me for Christmas.

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