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Remember when I announced that my photo book "TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Who Said Turning 30 Was a Bad Thing?" in partnership with Blurb Books was finally ready and available for sale? Well now I'm sharing my next #BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS video where I discuss my bookmaking experience and the amazing platform that is Blurb Books (@BlurbBooks), empowering fellow creatives to put their work into something tangible. I couldn't be happier with mine and I deeply suggest you check them out and make one of your own - whether it be for y[...]


It's here! My Holiday Gift Guide video is above, with the full write-ups on each featured brand below. I hope this post sparks some great gift ideas for you, because I'm well aware of how we sometimes get stuck on what to get for people during this time of year. Make sure you stay for the bloopers at the end. :) Enjoy! 01. FRAMEBRIDGE | @framebridge Framebridge is a Philadelphia based company that frames your photos in unique and beautiful ways. They have so many gorgeous styles to choose from, I can guarantee[...]

#BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS 05 – 3 Summer Beauty Looks ft. Some of My Favorite New Products.

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In this week's #BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS video I share 3 beauty looks that I've been relying on heavily for Summer, featuring some of my new favorite beauty products! The first look is a pop of the lip, the second is dramatic and smoky, and the third is sultry and golden. I'd like to stress that I am by no means a professional makeup artist, so I keep my makeup simple and easy at all times. I hope you enjoy! And please don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel if you find my videos helpful. :) A big thank you to Leslie[...]

#BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS 04 – My Favorite Products for Curly/Bleached Hair.

I've gotten a few questions/emails regarding how I maintain my hair. My hair does have some special needs since it's both curly and bleached, so in this video I share my favorite products that I use to manage/protect/style it. I hope you find it helpful, and if you'd like, please subscribe to my channel so you can be the first to know whenever I post a new video! Thank you as always for watching! Slight disclaimer: sorry if the blooper at the end offends you, it was just too funny to not share.   //[...]

#BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS 02 – My Everyday Face Routine.

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I'm realizing one video per week with a full time job is an incredibly ambitious goal, but I'm determined to keep this consistency up (at least 3 videos per month). In today's #BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS video, I share my daily makeup routine. 2 things to note: I'm sick and losing my voice so I sound like a cross between a frog and a man-witch, and I look 12 years old without any makeup on. Lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, this is great for anyone with thin eyebrows like myself, who want to go for a more natural look! Shop all the[...]
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#BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS 01 – Tailored Denim For Petite Frames.

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Turn good jeans into great jeans with this cheap and easy fix. If you have a petite frame like me, a good pair of jeans may fit right as far as how tight they are, but what keeps them being a great pair of jeans, is the bunching at the ankles because they're too long. In this video I share the world of difference it makes when you get them tailored just for you.