• Announcements Involving Clinique!

Announcements Involving Clinique!

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I'm very excited to say that I'll be hosting a special Clinique giveaway just for my newsletter subscribers here on #BEAUTIFULIFE! I'll announce details for how to enter next week, so I hope to see you join in on the fun. :) ALSO, if you're in the LA/OC area, I'll be attending the above event tomorrow if you'd like to come by and share the experience. I've always really liked Clinique products (especially their face moisturizer) so I'm looking forward to viewing what they have prepared for Summer. Would love to see you ther[...]

#BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS 02 – My Everyday Face Routine.

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I'm realizing one video per week with a full time job is an incredibly ambitious goal, but I'm determined to keep this consistency up (at least 3 videos per month). In today's #BEAUTIFULIFEHACKS video, I share my daily makeup routine. 2 things to note: I'm sick and losing my voice so I sound like a cross between a frog and a man-witch, and I look 12 years old without any makeup on. Lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, this is great for anyone with thin eyebrows like myself, who want to go for a more natural look! Shop all the[...]

Spring/Summer Beauty Basics.

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I'm not a huge makeup person at all, but I do know that a there are simple tricks that are quick and easy for putting your best face forward. In my opinion, 2 products that you can apply to instantly give your face some life and color without making it seem like you're trying: a great bronzer and a great lip gloss. I can guarantee you that even if you had both of these on and nothing else, you would look like you actually took some time to get ready. A great lip gloss adds volume and dimension to your lips, because the[...]
  • The Right Story For Your Skin | Fable Soap Co.
  • The Right Story For Your Skin | Fable Soap Co.
  • The Right Story For Your Skin | Fable Soap Co.

The Right Story For Your Skin | Fable Soap Co.

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As some of you may know, I recently added Fable Soap Co. to THE LIST, and am so happy it's provided such quality variety in the types of products featured here on my blog. Beauty absolutely isn't only skin deep, but in my humble opinion, your skin is the best and only place to start if you want to feel great about your outward appearance. I don't usually pay that much attention to my skin because thankfully I've never really had many issues with it, and my daily skin regimen usually keeps it pretty nourished (I use cocoa but[...]