The Things That Really Matter.

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A couple weeks ago when I was in San Francisco after returning from my trip to Miami, I had the pleasure of visiting Planet Labs where my boyfriend Zach works. As the universe would have it, that very same day, they had the coolest astronaut ever, Chris Hadfield, there at the office to speak. When I say "coolest astronaut ever" I basically mean "coolest person ever", because nothing is cooler than an astronaut so if you're the coolest of all astronauts, you're pretty much at the top of the food chain. Need proof? Watch this.[...]
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No Time Wasted

A long distance relationship is, by no means, an easy feat. LA to SF is probably the shortest legitimate "long distance relationship" possible, and trust me, it's still hard. Of course, Zach and I took this into consideration when we got together. We countered the feelings of difficulty by saying things like, "this will be good for us because it'll allow us the time/space to still focus on ourselves and our careers" and "this just means we'll always be really excited to see one another, and we'll never get tired of one a[...]