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“Arnelle Lozada Is Getting Rid of the Fluff” via Create + Cultivate.

Create + Cultivate is a powerful community and nationwide conference that brings female entrepreneurs and influencers together from around the world to empower one another and their audiences. That said, you can imagine my sheer excitement when they told me they wanted to collaborate with me and feature me on their site/blog! They interviewed me to discuss blogging in general, "blogging for good", and my humanitarian work with Humanity Unified. I sincerely love their write-up and am so honored to be considered a part of this[...]
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My Trinidad & Tobago Photo Book with Blurb Books is Now Available!

It's here! My photo book "TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Who Said Turning 30 Was a Bad Thing?" in partnership with Blurb Books is ready for purchase online. :D I really don't think anyone understands how excited I am about this. As a long time fan of them and what they do, I am beyond ecstatic to be partnering up with them to create my first official photo book, quite literally a dream come true. In this book I meticulously selected a ton of beautiful, captivating, vibrant, and visually compelling photos of our trip (all taken by[...]

We Have All the Lack of Time in the World.

"We have all the time in the world." ... coined some person whose time in this world is now done. Throughout life we are taught to practice two very different ideals: patience, and urgency. We are taught that we should go out and do things right now because the world is at our fingertips and we can have it all; but we are also taught that we can't have it all at once. So many of the feelings that we have throughout life - examples being feelings of accomplishment, inadequacy, fervor, or stagnancy - are all intrinsicall[...]
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Let Death Be What Takes Us, Not Lack of Imagination.

In this insanely beautiful and inspiring talk by BJ Miller, Executive Director at Zen Hospice, we are invited to change the way we think about dying. With Zen Hospice's MO being "Our mission is to help change the experience of dying", and BJ Miller himself being a victim of a life-threatening electrical accident that took 3 of his limbs and almost his life, you can imagine the profoundly heightened sense of awareness as well as the rare, and acutely developed human perspective he has on life and on living, that he so won[...]


The color blue has always been, and will always be my favorite non-neutral color. It is the only color that I love in all of its countless variations, particularly when it reaches its deep navy tones, its bright cobalts, and its faint periwinkles. The color blue is actually one of the main reasons I have my heart set on traveling to Greece and Iceland next year, because it is such a prevalent hue in both countries. Whether it is the sky, the ocean, paint, whatever form it comes in, it doesn't matter ... the color blue has al[...]