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Old Memories, New Room.

One of my favorite things about taking photos everywhere I go, is being able to fill my personal spaces up with those beautiful memories so that I can look back on them and relive them whenever I please. In an increasingly digital age, I think it's important to have tangible copies of your photos, whether framed, in a photo book,Β or in a photo album. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe there's something very powerful about seeing your photos on surfaces outside of the digital interface; this way, they aren't consumed with[...]
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My Trinidad & Tobago Photo Book with Blurb Books is Now Available!

It's here! My photo book "TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Who Said Turning 30 Was a Bad Thing?" in partnership with Blurb Books is ready for purchase online. :D I really don't think anyone understands how excited I am about this. As a long time fan of them and what they do, I am beyond ecstatic to be partnering up with them to create my first official photo book, quite literally a dream come true. In this book I meticulously selected a ton of beautiful, captivating, vibrant, and visually compelling photos of our trip (all taken by[...]


I had the pleasure of attending/covering Urban Decay's #COLORUNLEASHED blogger event at Elysian LAΒ in celebration of their beautiful new VICE4 palette. It was an all-around successful event with fantastic ambiance and a great turnout. In attendance was an all-star roster of influential young women from beauty bloggers to DJ's to models. Scroll through the photos to see if any of your favorites were there! First 2 photos by Diane Abapo of Suspend Mag, the rest by yours truly. My photos will be up on their blog, so pls mak[...]

Madewell x Spotify x Kelela

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of being invited to the Madewell x Spotify in-store event ft. a performance by Kelela. The clothes were beautiful, the food was great, and the drink options were really tasty, but what really set the night for me was Kelela's impeccable performance. My only call-out would be that it was too short, but that's only because her incredible voice and presence left me longing for so much more. Thankfully, she's on Spotify, so I now have her music on repeat. How I had never heard of her befo[...]

The Ideal Sunday Funday.

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This past Sunday was spent with my most loved ones (just missing mom) by the pool at dad's house. It was the perfect way to get my quality time with them in before the treacherous (I might be exaggerating) flight home to LA. Whenever we're with our parents, we're kind of insanely spoiled. You know when you've reached that age and point in your lives where you parents just want you around and will do anything to lure you in, versus when you were an irresponsible teenager and they just wanted you and all the burden you bore ou[...]
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Cement Dream.

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Today was a long day of shooting for work, and we got some fantastic images. Unfortunately, I can't post them just yet. But...I did manage to squeeze in a few images for myself. I saw this ledge and immediately felt the need to stick a friend on it so I could snap a few wides with cool depth, angles, lines, and shapes. I love their dreamy feel, and how she looks so small in a wide world, but it is still clear that she is the key element.