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This year has blown by and along the way, to my sincere surprise (I say this with all the humility in this heart of mine), I've somehow found myself living what might actually be something remarkably close to my best life. I'm not exactly sure how that came to be - it was a mixture of meeting the right people, dedicating myself wholeheartedly to my craft, asking the right questions, and being ready for opportunities that came while being hungry enough to create my own - but I can honestly say that no matter how hard I wo[...]
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“Arnelle Lozada Is Getting Rid of the Fluff” via Create + Cultivate.

Create + Cultivate is a powerful community and nationwide conference that brings female entrepreneurs and influencers together from around the world to empower one another and their audiences. That said, you can imagine my sheer excitement when they told me they wanted to collaborate with me and feature me on their site/blog! They interviewed me to discuss blogging in general, "blogging for good", and my humanitarian work with Humanity Unified. I sincerely love their write-up and am so honored to be considered a part of this[...]