#TECHSESH 03 ft. Prynt – Review and Instructional

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In today's #TECHSESH video I discuss Prynt, the beautiful phone case that turns your smartphone into a polaroid camera. With the Prynt case you can instantly print any picture that's on your phone, whether you just took the photo or if it's been sitting in your Camera Roll. But that's not all there is to it ... there's an insanely cool bonus video feature. But I'll let the video do the rest of the talking. Enjoy![...]

#MORETHANASELFIE Campaign – Prynt x Arnelle

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Did you know you could pretty much turn your phone into a polaroid camera with a Prynt case because it allows you to print pictures instantly, directly from your phone? I'm so incredibly excited to announce that I've partnered up with Prynt for their #MORETHANASELFIE campaign! In celebration of Women's History Month, we're celebrating women for their incredible contributions to society. We are so much more than what social media lets on sometimes; we are engineers, designers, photographers, writers ... we are doctors, la[...]

#TECHSESH 02 ft. RINGLY – Discussion + Review

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I promised more TECH on my blog, and today I present to you my first feature on a wearable tech piece: RINGLY (a product I'm very excited about). As I've stated on here before, I've always been into gadgets, new camera gear, new apps, new iphone accessories, almost any geeky, techy thing you can name. Being that I'm also into personal style, you can imagine my elation when I heard about Ringly and its concept of stylish, smart jewelry that fuses the two worlds seamlessly.  The beautiful Black Onyx ring you see[...]
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Intersection of Tech and Style.

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A slightly longer form version of what I posted on Instagram earlier today: As a woman, by default I will always love beauty products, fashion, and maintaining my personal style and aesthetic. But I am also very much a geek at heart - I'm into gadgets and all things tech. I love geeking out on products and learning all the programs that will add production value to the content on my blog. I feel personal fulfillment in constantly growing my arsenal of "I'm proficient in" tools, and adding value to my skill sets. That[...]

DIY Synesthesia Mask by Zach Howard.

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There's not much I love more than discovering new techy things to geek out about daily, and in this case, I didn't have to look very far. My good friend Zach (you've seen him a number of times in my blog/vlog entries in the past) has been working with Autodesk and Instructables for some time now, and they finally released his first video featuring his DIY Synesthesia Mask. I'm well aware of how much tireless work and energy he's invested into this project and a few others, so it's amazing to see that within a few days[...]
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DSCVRD: Trunkster

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Ladies and gents, I'd like to introduce you to Trunkster. These guys aren't joking when they say they're revolutionizing travel and luggage. Its sleek, minimalist design, coupled with its array of ingenious so-obviously-functional-why-hadn't-anyone-done-these-before features (like a built-in power supply and zipperless entry) makes it something truly worth investing in, especially if you're a traveler. If you take a minute to watch the video above, I have no doubt it'll make you a supporter/believer, just as it did me. I[...]