Cheers to Years: Old and New.

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Three years ago today I celebrated NYE with some friends at Eve Lounge in San Francisco, happy that I had moved into my room in the loft that we lived in, not 5 minutes from the lounge. Two years ago today I packed my things in my room in SF to start a new life in LA, drove to LA, and then celebrated NYE at singer Estelle’s private function. One year ago today I was in the midst of turning a new no-partying leaf because I had just worked my first television show, and spent NYE with a friend at a local bar near our apartment, took a single shot at midnight and came right back home.

Those are the are the only 3 NYE’s that I remember chronologically believe it or not, or remember at all for that matter. Everything before that was a blur, everything before that felt like it was ages ago. Hell, even the last 3 NYE’s feel like eons ago.

My life has undergone substantial and copious amounts of change in the last years. Time feels like it’s moving so rapidly and so slowly at the same time. Rapidly because moments and memories are flying by and last week feels like last month, and slowly for that same reason – because I’ve been able to get more done in a short time span than I ever did over a spread of months, living the lifestyle I lived prior to my current.

But the rate at which time is passing makes no difference to me, what matters is I know it’s limited. In light of this I’ve worked harder at positioning myself in a place to impact, and when I’m ready to tell my whole story, I will. Just know that I’ve readily lived a life that many don’t have the balls to, and many won’t understand, in order to find myself. Now that I have, I’m excited to see where I’ll go.

I’m so thankful for the friends and family who have stayed with me throughout it all. From my days of living young, wild, and free, barely getting by, through my days of getting to know myself to figure out where change would be best – up until now. I’m also so thankful for the new people in my life, who solely see me for the person I am now, but are still fascinated by the story of my past.

There was no better way to bring in the new year than with old and new people alike, and of course, my lover Zach, as well as my old friend and new roommate, Megan. We had a blast, and it’s one of the few NYE’s that I’ll always remember.

Here’s to the years we’ve spent figuring out what the hell we want to do with ourselves and our lives…

And cheers – to actually DOING IT.

Happy 2014 everyone. Make it count.

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Portos Bakery.

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Intelligentsia coffee shop in Silver Lake.

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Fresh pasta from Speranza.

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Griffith Observatory.

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Saved this one for last because it represents the new, happy, and inspired me.

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