DIY Synesthesia Mask by Zach Howard.

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There’s not much I love more than discovering new techy things to geek out about daily, and in this case, I didn’t have to look very far. My good friend Zach (you’ve seen him a number of times in my blog/vlog entries in the past) has been working with Autodesk and Instructables for some time now, and they finally released his first video featuring his DIY Synesthesia Mask. I’m well aware of how much tireless work and energy he’s invested into this project and a few others, so it’s amazing to see that within a few days of this project launching, it’s already caught the attention of TechCrunch, a reputable and renowned tech website (that I visit regularly), as well as Discovery News, and they have some awesome things to say about it.

A little bit more about the project, Synesthesia is:

The production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.

Simply put, think about it as an overlapping of senses. People who experience this neurological phenomenon are known as “synesthetes” and their brains will do things like give colors actual personalities, associate time with physical distance or space, and in the case of this DIY invention, delegate a specific scent to every color. Zach knows an actual synesthete, and as he mentions in this not-long-enough video explaining how his mask works, this project was his way of experiencing everyday life the way a synesthete would, by “hacking into our sensory perception of the world”. How freaking awesome is that? Bravo Zach.

Read more about the project on his Instructables profile here, what Discovery news had to say here, and what Techcrunch had to say here.

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