Easy Meals 02 – Honey, I’m Gonna Leaf You in the Morning.

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IMG_9731IMG_9734IMG_9737IMG_9739IMG_9740IMG_9742IMG_9746IMG_9749IMG_9752IMG_9757IMG_9761IMG_9766IMG_9767IMG_9768IMG_9781Leaves in the morning?? I know, I know. When I make this for friends for the first time, some of them look at me reluctantly, with a mild distaste, and say something along the lines of, “Really dude? You eat salad in the morning too?” I just smirk at them and give a confident and reassuring, “Trust me.”

This is a satisfying yet not over-filling breakfast that I make often because it’s really tasty, easy, so quick to make (it’s another 15-minute meal), and of course, healthy! Although I generally tend to keep my diet carb-lite, I am personally okay with a little carbing up in the morning to fuel up for the day. If you’re going to eat carbs, the general consensus seems to be that you should consume them in the morning so you burn them off throughout the day.

A couple things to note:
1. The turkey breast I used here is the fresh, unprocessed, pre-cooked kind that you can get in the deli section of your supermarket. I prefer this because it allows for faster prep times and it’s still fairly healthy (the one I purchase is seasoned with cracked black pepper). Feel free to use whatever protein you prefer; I’ve found that bacon or sausage also work well with this.
2. I used gorgonzola blue cheese here, but goat cheese also works really well. Both kinds are good choices for lactards like myself!

Alright, enough blabbing. Here we go!

+ whole wheat bread
+ arugula (yes, I love arugula)
+ 1-2 eggs
+ turkey breast
+ olive oil
+ salt
+ pepper
+ balsamic vinegar

1. Coat your slice of whole wheat bread with olive oil, then add pepper and a pinch of salt. Place it in the toaster and toast until golden brown and slightly crunchy around the edges.

3. Coat your pan with a little olive oil and fry your egg. I like to fry it uncovered, on medium-high heat so that the white cooks while leaving the yolk runny, and the bottom of the egg is crispy.

3. Plate your toast, place a slice or two of turkey breast on top, and then a generous portion of arugula on top of that. The leaves will usually shrink a little under the heat/moisture of the egg so a little more arugula than you’d think is actually good!

4. Place your egg on top.

5. Drop some blue cheese crumbles over the egg, sprinkle a little more black pepper on top, drizzle the entire thing with balsamic vinegar, and enjoy!!


Let me know what you think of this recipe if you happen to try it!


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