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Freakin’ Weekend.

Freakin’ Weekend.

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This past weekend proved to be yet another eventful one. I’ve been finding myself out and about in my neighborhood on weekends lately because I’ve lived downtown for 8 months and have realized that I had been leaving it unexplored. I went for nights out on the town with multiple groups of friends, and had a blast. We ended up at Spring Street Bar, The Ace Hotel Rooftop Bar, and Lucky Strike Bowling Alley. Sometimes you forget that there are people who adore you right there in your city; and most of the time, friends are just a phone call away. I also went to the Flower Mart again to pick up some fresh blooms. Such a relaxing weekend routine.

And since some of you might be wondering, I didn’t get my septum pierced, I was gifted the gorgeous piece by the designer at Androgyny Design. This brand happens to be on THE LIST, so if you find yourself interested in shopping her amazing pieces, make sure to use code “BEAUTIFULIFE10” to get 10% off your entire purchase! Trust me, it’d be well worth it!

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