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IMG_2945 IMG_2957Sometimes you don’t feel like trying at all, but you also don’t want it to look that way. This Tobi Anorak Jacket, these Faryl Robin x Free People Caspian boots, and this Helmut Lang crocheted sweater were really easy to put together because they’re comfortable, they’re neutral (even the blue of the anorak is muted in tone), and they all work really well together. Although I honestly more than likely would style all of these pieces separately (not together in one outfit) on a daily basis because they each have character on their own, and I typically like to pair flowing/loose pieces with tight things; but the cold Fall day on which these photos were taken called for a little bit of layering up. Also wearing black vintage Levi’s that I cut into shorts with little slits on the sides. Jewelry by Androgyny Design.

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