Fresh Hotel, Athens – Moments of Reflection.

After a very long, nearly 24 hours straight of travel, you want nothing more than to get into a room, plop on a bed, and revive your mental state. We had the absolute pleasure of staying at Fresh Hotel in Athens, both as the opener to our Greece trip upon arrival, and as the closer, the night before we flew out. Leave it to the kind and caring staff at Fresh to make sure you feel the most welcome in order to kickstart whatever Greece adventures you have planned on the right foot. We were greeted by beautiful, smiling faces at the front desk, where we were quickly checked in and escorted to our room. Brief “plopping” achieved. :)

A member of the Design Hotels family, this hotel delivers exactly what you’d expect from the umbrella name – crisp interiors with unique design elements that add dimension and character throughout the property.Β Contemporary, modern, and chic decor, a rooftop restaurant and bar with delicious food and drinks, topped off by a rooftop pool and patio that light up and come alive as an Athens hot spot in the evenings; this is the only place I’d want to stay while in Athens. Located on prime real estate, it’s a brisk walk from popular areas like Agias Eirinis (the up and coming, “hip” area of Athens) and historical Monastiraki. It is also a pleasant stroll or brief cab ride from the notorious Acropolis. I could go on and on about how beautiful the hotel is and how wonderful its location is (I mean, just look at the photos), but all those incredibly noteworthy things aside, in my opinion, what really makes a place are its people … and that’s what really tipped the scale for me at Fresh Hotel.

The entire staff – the bartenders, the workers at the front desk, even a member of the Sales team, the loveliest lady by the name of Eleni – were immensely helpful in not only helping us plan out how we would spend our time there, but also in helping us get around Athens with a classic map. We had the privilege of sitting down with Eleni for a drink and a lovely conversation before adventuring the town. She taught us a little bit about Greek culture, the history of Athens, how to be a mindful traveler within the country, and we even got a snippet of her personal backstory. It is people like her, not even “workers”, but people like her, who truly make traveling invaluable. That remarkable exchange with her, no matter how brief, and the hearty, genuine “until next time” embrace we shared before checking out on our last day … those human connections are what I thrive upon when I travel. THAT is what makes the difference between “hotel” and “home away from home”.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that feeling like a local, knowing what the locals do, and doing what the locals do, is extremely important to me. This hotel delivered on that end and helped us feel like locals during our stay; not only because we were in the thick of Greek culture upon exiting the lobby door, but also because the staff were so kind to thoughtfully guide us around whereΒ to eat, where to shop, where to drink, and where to sightsee.

If you’re ever in Athens and you’re looking for the perfect place to stay in the heart of the city, Fresh Hotel is a must-see. From the rooftop and balcony views, to the delicious drink selections, gorgeous ambiance, and stellar service,Β Fresh Hotel lives up to every bit of its name.

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