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IMG_5788Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, creating an inspired living space has become a top priority of mine. When I think about “creating quality content” for my blog and social channels, I am often reminded of how important consistency is when trying to take this blogging thing seriously. The next logical thought then becomes why not make the place you live in also a space that you can shoot in every day, that not only acts as your bubble to create content within, but propels that notion forward by inspiring ideas and action? The spaces that we exist in, directly affect the quality of work we put out, after all. As a result, I see it as a necessary investment in oneself to furnish said space with a lot of tender love and care.

As I mentioned a few entries ago, I’ve been really inspired by the Nordic/Scandinavian interiors I’ve seen online, with their bright/neutral color palettesΒ and their use of textures toΒ liven up the room. Decorating has been so fun since I landed on this aesthetic; my eye has gravitated towards anything white, beige, or cream, pops of black and silver, marble patterns, furry, wood, and woven textures.

I just took the first photo of my room windows a couple days ago, and it’s already evolved since. I’ve added another identical chair and have switched the centerpiece back to my large mason jar with white flowers vs. the Sansevieria Snake Plant you see in the photo. I’m excited to share more photos of the room as it nears completion, and I’m SO excited to vlog more now that I bought my white Sony A5100! Part of what makes vlogging with a Canon 5dmkII so difficult is it’s nearly impossible to film yourself (manual focus and heavier build), so I’d always have to ask someone else to hold the camera if I thought it was important that I be shot (except for in my vlogs where I’m speaking to camera about products/etc.; I just prop the camera up on a tripod or stand for those shots). I now plan on taking my A5100 with me everywhere because of its compact size and its swivel screen that allows to see what you’re filming when you point the camera at yourself!

I’ll share more updates again soon. Wishing you all have a beautiful and inspired weekend! :)

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