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Processed with VSCOcam with se3 presetA slightly longer form version of what I posted on Instagram earlier today:

As a woman, by default I will always love beauty products, fashion, and maintaining my personal style and aesthetic. But I am also very much a geek at heart – I’m into gadgets and all things tech. I love geeking out on products and learning all the programs that will add production value to the content on my blog. I feel personal fulfillment in constantly growing my arsenal of “I’m proficient in” tools, and adding value to my skill sets.

That said, I have an immense passion for finding ways to fuse style and tech, and you’ll start seeing more of that on my blog. I may not carry that much makeup with me on a daily basis, but I do carry my gadgets everywhere. I’m starting to partner with brands that help me carry my gadgets and necessities around in style, from sleek wallets big enough to hold passports (@ArticleGoods), to pouches that organize both my cords and my lip products in one seamless design (@ThisIsGround), and customized phone cases that act as an effortless business card wherever I go (@CatchCases). Not only that, but I’m also partnering with brands that design/create the actual stylish gadgets themselves – I can’t say who just yet, but I’m excited to share once I can.

I’m so happy to say I’ll be focused on an evolved sense of style in the coming year on my blog. A sense of style that infuses tech, is smart, functional, and adds an element of luxury and convenience to lifestyle. Wearable tech, product reviews, tutorials – all with style in mind. Who says tech geeks can’t also be stylish, and who says stylish people can’t also be tech geeks?

Let’s break all the rules. 😉


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