Island Girl.

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DSC_1223This day the locals were kind enough to tour us around the island so that we could get acquainted with all the hidden gems within it. Because the main road is like one big donut around the island (yes, there’s only ONE main road that accesses all of the island’s private beaches and getaways), we were able to make multiple stops during the day. When you cruise the streets of Tobago you are surrounded by such rich colors – the foliage (literally on every square foot of the ground) is deep emeralds and beautiful forest greens, the tropical flowers give striking pops of color, and the bodies of water are that vibrant ocean blue you only get while in the Caribbean.

I asked Keisha, wife to our Airbnb host Adam, to braid my hair, and I really realized how much I missed getting my hair braided. It really added to my island girl feel, and I took so much pride in my “local girl” aesthetic. I mixed and matched this high waisted L’Space Tigress bottom with my Minimale Animale blush pink bikini, and threw this beautiful faux suede fringed shawl on over them. I also never took this shell choker off. It’s still on my neck as I type this blog entry here in LA.Β IMG_8486


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