Itty Bitty Midi.

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This amazing Midi Dress from GoJane may have some length to it but the way it clings to your body and hugs your curves makes it feel like a second skin. The elbow cut out detail also makes it really unique, while the neckline plunges just enough to show the perfect amount of skin. This dress definitely makes me feel sexy, and that is never a bad thing. As I mentioned yesterday in my newsletter, GoJane has some of the best selections of midi dresses that I’ve seen from an online store yet. To go with my dress I threw on my white strappy heels from GoJane, a cropped leather jacket, a gray wool hat with brown strap detail, and my favorite BareMade Leather Orchard Clutch. All rings by Young Frankk, Wren and Glory, Rose Gypsy, and Androgyny Design.

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