Look Like an X-Men While Reviving Your Face ft. Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Eyecare Pro.

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IMG_4688Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve had a really, really hectic last few months. From work, events, and travel, to wedding season, baby shower season, and my nephew Cade’s birth – I’m fighting the constant uphill battle to get enough sleep. Aren’t we all? I never used to think lack of sleep would have long-term effects on me (all twenty-something’s believe they’re invincible and impervious, that is the glory of being young and naive), and I certainly never thought that I would really worry about things like fine lines or wrinkles either.

Cue 32. Cue the age of “where the hell did this wrinkle come from?”, “how did those forehead lines get there?”, and “why are my eye bags so prominent right now??”. So much for “invincible”. This is why I was so excited when the team at Dr. Dennis Gross reached out for me to try their Spectralite Eyecare Pro, a device that brings the magic of his LED light therapy into your home, compacted into a sleek, easy-to-wear design that’s suitable for all face shapes. And you only have to wear it 3 minutes a day! I think I can commit to that. :)

Since wearing my mask daily, I’ve gotten compliments on my skin from people who are close to me and see me almost every day, which is seriously a huge feat, because they’re also the ones who are quickest to tell me that I look like crap. My family is well aware that I don’t get enough sleep, but they have all said that I looked refreshed, and I certainly believe that the Spectralite Eyecare Pro is due credit in that. My eye area has looks more revived, awake, and rejuvenated, and I will continue to use it daily and I can report back with more long-term results in a few months!

Until then, I thoroughly enjoy bringing my mask to friends and family and taking X-Men Cyclops-inspired photos of them in it while they try it out for 3 minutes themselves. :)

IMG_4641 IMG_4642 IMG_4643 IMG_4644

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