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IMG_5534 IMG_5538 IMG_5554 IMG_5557 IMG_5562 IMG_5578 IMG_5579 IMG_5598 IMG_5600 IMG_5679 IMG_5713 IMG_5741This is my first step into leaning out my wardrobe. I got rid of everything with bright colors, and kept only a few pieces with deeper colors and patterns/designs on them. I love this outfit because it comes off minimalist and simplistic, but when you really look at it thereΒ are several details to observe. The excessive zipper details on this Hudson Jeans Moto Jacket, the distressing on these white Hudson Jeans, the added collar detail on this Hudson Jeans black button-up blouse, the camo bandana that I got from the Army Surplus store, the statement Necklace and rings by Stunner Collective, and the pop of deep Fall color and texture from the olive suede Nine West heels. Top all of that off with this gorgeous Givenchy Antigona Leather Satchel and my new gray-lavender hair, and you have a monochromatic look that’s still unique. Now that I’m back in SF, scarves and bandanas are probably going to be worn with almost everything for added detail whileΒ keeping warm.

Photos by @Dopensteez.

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