• Neutrals On Denim On Neutrals.
  • Neutrals On Denim On Neutrals.
  • Neutrals On Denim On Neutrals.
  • Neutrals On Denim On Neutrals.
  • Neutrals On Denim On Neutrals.

Neutrals On Denim On Neutrals.

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It was cold and raining in LA last week so I threw this shawl on over my newly tailored, classic wash/fit Hudson Jeans and my Everlane blouse. Threw my new Nine West nude pumps on, and tied my hair into a low bun because it’s the easiest way to bring it back without hair falling out since it’s short now, and called it a day.

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  • Justine
    May 27, 2015

    Hi Arnelle,

    I’m a bit of a cheapskate and don’t like spending too much for a pair of jeans (preferabbly nothing over 30 bucks, max). It’s not like I can’t afford a great pair of denim jeans it’s just hard to find the merit in investing in $100(+) jeans. And this is by no means any disrespect to you or anyone that sees and appreciates the quality put in to awesome denim jeans. Essentially, I just want to get your take on the pros of spending that much.

    I’ve been a longtime admirer of you and your work/art/words so any feedback is appreciated.

    • arnellelozada
      May 29, 2015

      Hi Justine! I know your name anywhere girlie you don’t need to remind me that you’ve been around for a while. You can have my feedback any day. 😉

      Trust me when I say I was ABSOLUTELY in the same boat as you 2 years ago. I didn’t see the point of it either. My whole thing was, I knew I could buy a decent pair at about that $30 – $50 price point and no one would know the difference but my wallet, haha. But now that I have premium denim, I’ll never go back. To be totally honest, the difference really is genuinely noticeable. Buying a $30 pair of jeans usually means it has a decent fit because its fiber content is mixed with a spandex-like material so it’s form-fitting enough to come off as if it was “made for you”. But the truth is its make isn’t as sturdy, so they’ll rip much faster than a pair of premium denim will, AND they just don’t fit the same. From my observation, premium denim is always bit thicker (even when blended with other yarns), so there’s a “holding in” factor that comes into play, and it just seems to hug in all the right places, and hold you in/lift in all the right places as well. It’s a characteristic/quality you don’t get with $30 jeans. It’s really hard to explain without you actually trying on a pair of great jeans. I hope this helps, even in the slightest bit. If you need me to explain even further, I’m more than happy to! I was even thinking about doing a video post about premium denim vs. other denim. Anyway, so glad to hear from you Justine! Please always feel free to ask me anything. :)

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