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A long distance relationship is, by no means, an easy feat. LA to SF is probably the shortest legitimate “long distance relationship” possible, and trust me, it’s still hard. Of course, Zach and I took this into consideration when we got together. We countered the feelings of difficulty by saying things like, “this will be good for us because it’ll allow us the time/space to still focus on ourselves and our careers” and “this just means we’ll always be really excited to see one another, and we’ll never get tired of one another”.

While both of those statements are very true, they absolutely do not negate the fact that having to bid adieu, no matter how small or temporary, is a heartache every single time. Thank God we’re still only 370 miles apart, so it isn’t too hard to catch a flight or endure the 5 hour drive to see one another. We can only imagine what couples who live across the country from one another must feel like, and our hearts go out to you.

This is my first time ever being in a long distance relationship, and I can assure you I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else. He makes it well worth the strife. There is absolutely nothing that another man could offer me from 30, or even 5 miles away, that he couldn’t offer me from the 370. But what this boils down to is when you really love someone, you don’t find excusesyou find a way to make it work, at whatever cost. Our time with one another is the most precious thing on this earth, and we cherish our moments like they’re rare gems, because they are.

The beautiful thing that keeps us together? The fact that we’re literally like best friends. We can do anything and everything together, and this past weekend was proof of that fact (as is every weekend). We spent so much time basking in each other’s company and having the funniest, sweetest, and most inspirational conversations, while looking lovingly into each other’s eyes and sharing kisses in between. Cheesy, I know…but this is love. Passionate love.

Real love.

Since we didn’t get to see each other last weekend, this weekend was our belated Valentine’s Day/Quarter-Year Anniversary celebration (LOL), and we spoiled one another rotten.

Early Saturday afternoon we attended the blogger event at Grilliant, where we were treated to an intensely delicious and filling special menu by the staff. I can honestly say I haven’t eaten that much in one sitting in a while, but it was totally acceptable because all of the food was healthy and light. Make sure you guys check them out online on their websiteyelp, and instagram (follow them for mouthwatering photo nom-nom’ers too, they don’t disappoint). But more importantly, make sure you stop by and try something from their menu whenever you’re in the vicinity. They’re located on Riverside Dr. in Burbank, and they’re well worth the trip.

Once we could no longer stuff our faces, we drove to The Standard in Hollywood where we picked out our favorite new spectacles at Warby Parker, and shared a drink at their ever-so-popular pool/lounge area. That night Zach took me on an amazing date to Cliff’s Edge in Silverlake, where we indulged in a black kale salad, brussel sprouts, oysters, dungeness crab, and lobster, while sipping on Merlot.

On Sunday we woke up and grabbed a scrumptious breakfast at Humble Bee, grabbed another day drink by the pool at The Roosevelt, bowled a couple games at Lucky Strike, and then ordered food for pickup from Kinnara so we could eat at home, in seclusion, as the close to our weekend approached.

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I’ll gladly spend as much time as I need to, making up for lost time when it comes to Zach, and I’ll do so for as long as is necessary…because there is no wasted time with him.

In this relationship, I am constantly reminded: invest your time wisely, as it is the only thing you can’t ever get back. Spend it with the people you care about most, making the memories that matter most. Cheers.

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