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I wanted to put together something casual and chic to highlight these amazing tri-toned heels from Alias Mae, and their neutral but popping color palette made it easy to do so. I stuck with my uniform jeans and white tee (another pair of my staple Hudson Nico Super Skinnies, and one of my new staple Everlane tees), then threw on a brown leather belt to accent and match my brown Fossil satchel along with this lovely, cascading trench coat from Akira; to add a bit of drama when I walk, just the way I like it. :) Sometimes it really doesn’t get any better than dressing up jeans and white tee in a refined and effortless way. All accessories are Androgyny Design, Wren + Glory, Rose Gypsy, and Young Frankk, along with my “Opening Night” Black Onyx Ringly of course! Really, really love my Ringly. It has really helped me stay completely alert when I need to be, while also helping me stay present (and NOT constantly checking my phone) when I don’t need be. There’s nothing worse than anxiously expecting an email, phone call, or text, and constantly checking your phone when it hasn’t even come yet. Also, Alias Mae is definitely my new favorite shoe brand. Hailing out of the super-stylish Australia, their shoes are comfortable, clean, elegant, chic, minimalist, and they come in all the neutral colorways you can imagine.

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