Raden: The Intersection of Travel, Tech, and Taste.

IMG_3448I’ve been searching for the perfect luggage for a really long time – for that perfect design that’s both incredibly smart, and extremely stylish. Because my blog focuses on travel, tech, and taste, I was on the hunt for luggage that’s the intersection of all 3; but while it seems like it should be the standard, my search proved otherwise. While there are several on the market with tons of features, new and innovative designs, and pleasing aesthetics, I found that if one leaned heavier towards one aspect, it was often lacking in another. This meant that if you were opting for style, you were sacrificing functionality, or if you were opting for innovative features, you were sacrificing aesthetics.

Raden, though, proves to be an exception. I’ve learned from my many travels that details really do matter when you’re in transit and you don’t have time for small missteps. Wheels that turn properly and smoothly, matter. Sturdy zippers that won’t break when your bag is slightly overpacked, matter. Lightweight composition materials so you can maximize on those carry-on and check-in weight limits, matter. The people behind Raden definitely took all of this, and more, on board when designing their line.

Smart, sleek, gorgeous and perfect for the millennial tech-conscious traveler, these suitcases truly do have it all. Boasting a hefty list of smart features like an ergonomic handle that doubles as a weight sensor (so you can weigh your bag using their app), polyurethane spinning wheels for easy tow, built-in dual USB ports for charging that dying phone up to 4 times, a Makrolon Polyurethane flexible and impact-resistant shell to protect all your precious belongings in any climate, a TSA-approved lock coupled with reversed zipper linings and a waterproof sealing (what?!), and Bluetooth location technology so you know where your bag is even when the airline doesn’t – it’s no wonder why Conde Naste Traveler said Radendoes everything except book your flight“. The bag that it comes packaged in even doubles as a laundry bag. Is there anything they didn’t think of while designing their line? Other than the fact that they’re so pretty you almost don’t want to use them and mess them up, I’d argue no.

Traveling is amazing, but let’s be honest, the process of getting from one place to another isn’t always pretty. So if you’re like me and you’re constantly searching for smarter, better, and more streamlined solutions for travel, I highly suggest you check Raden out! The quality of their product is well worth the price ($295 for the A22 carry-on, $395 for the A28 check-in, and $595+ for the A50 set).

If you don’t feel like paying that much, come to our GoodTravels Gala in San Francisco on July 15th. :) We’re giving a Matte Black A50 set away to a lucky raffle prize winner, amongst other amazing prizes! More details on the gala to come here on the blog very soon. I’m hoping to meet a lot of you there!


Happy travels my #BeautifuLifers. <3

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