Room Details: 3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Space for Under $20.

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IMG_6395IMG_6361I’ve been getting a ton of really positive feedback on my room so I wanted to briefly go over its details a bit to share how you can achieve something similar (or just give your room a bit of a facelift) for under $20! I’m also happy to announce that I’ll be putting together a couple full holiday gift guides! One which will feature some of the my favorite products that I’ve acquired over the course of this year that I think would make outstanding holiday gifts, and one that’s strictly DIY projects! The first will come this week. The DIY video (my first of many DIY videos!) will come next week. Please look out for them, but more on that later. :)

For now, let me give you a few really easy ways to spruce up your space for under $20 each, like I did.

1. Textures – the fabric textures you see in the above photos, the chevron pleated scarf, the beige wrap on my vanity, the thick crocheted throw, they are all pieces I snagged for $8-$15 either at World Market (one of my favorite stores in all the land), or TJ Maxx! There’s this lovely shopping plaza not far from my new place that has all these amazing home decor stores so I lucked out and was able to browse around. But if you find a few great scarves, don’t hesitate to use them as accent pieces in your home. Lay them on a chair or couch, or over a dresser to give it some color, etc.

2. Surfaces – the marble slabs you see in the above photos, the wooden board with silver handle you see beneath my bowl of berries and cereal a few posts ago, they’re just surfaces I use as accents! The marble slabs I got for $3-$6 each at Home Depot, such a steal to add some life to your space! Use them to place items on like your vases, a small bouquet of flowers, candles, your jewelry, etc.

3. Flowers/Plants – Dressing your home in a bit of foliage is one of the best things you can do to keep it alive (literally). Plants/bouquets you can grab at places like Safeway, Costco, Trader Joes, and Home Depot, and usually don’t cost more than $15-$20. Plants obviously last much longer than flowers, so find one or two that you love and can maintain and keep them around for a while. Flowers, on the other hand, you can update weekly because of their shorter life span, and they’re such a great way to keep it inspiring and refreshing. Grab a bouquet and stick the whole thing in a large vase or mason jar and place it near a window, or separate it into smaller bunches and place them into jars, vases, or bottles to add pops of color in multiple areas. The amount of life that foliage can add to a space is significant, with very minimal effort.

I hope this helped a little if you were inspired by my room in my vlog at all! More details on the exact items in my room + a few more progress photos in the posts to come this week!

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