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San Francisco Feels & Everlane.

San Francisco Feels & Everlane.

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I’ve figured out that I really enjoy wearing this Androgyny septum piece with really classy attire for a nice juxtaposition in my look. It adds a little bit of edge to (what I’d hope is) simple refinement. This new Everlane silk blouse that I’m wearing has quickly become my personal favorite because of how light and soft the fabric is, making it flattering to my figure even though it’s not fitted. If you haven’t checked Everlane out, make sure you do so. I’ve been searching for a one-stop shop to find great, clean, simple, and classy basics, and I’ve absolutely found it in Everlane. What I love most is their MO – to provide quality pieces at more affordable prices because they keep their distribution strictly online, keeping them free of brick and mortar costs and thus passing those savings along to their customers. I’m all for supporting any company that trims the fat in terms of bs and costs in order to run an honest business for their consumers. A big thank you to Everlane for the beautiful blouse; it was the perfect refreshing addition to my wardrobe, and I have every intention of stocking up on more pieces.

Wearing Hudson Jeans (of course), Nine West shoes (also, of course), a Zara jacket, and septum piece/double finger cuff by Androgyny Design. These photos were taken at The Mill, one of my favorite coffee shops in San Francisco.

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