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Silk ‘n Sweats.

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The great thing about mixing and matching fabrics well is the way they counterbalanceย one another. This outfit both dressed down the blouse with the sweats and the rugged camo print, and dressed up the sweats with the feminine draped silk. The shoes I’m wearing are espadrilles, and they go with literally everything. To be honest there are countless reasons why I love this outfit, but here are the top 5:

1. Insanely comfortable and breathable.
2. The toned down/muted colorway allows for a little bit of hue without being overbearing.
3. I would wear sweats everywhere if I could, and that notion more feasible with these because of the great fit and moto detailing,ย so they’re still fashionable and can be dressed up.
4. The camo jacket is the perfect boyfriend fit for me.
5. I either look like I made the effort to look good but didn’t actually try, or like I didn’t make the effort to look good, but I look put together anyway; either way is a win in my opinion.

These sweats are my favorite sweats ever, they’re the Avery Moto Sweat Pant by Hudson Jeans (unfortunately these are sold out everywhere but I did pull something similar to them below). The camo jacket is also Hudson Jeans, the blouse is Ann Taylor, and the espadrilles are Soludos (a great brand that I’d suggest for all).

Little note: if you decide to purchase Soludos shoes, consider sizing up a bit. I have super tiny feet, but I can see how they’d be tight on others.


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