Spontaneous SF Evenings.

Yesterday evening was spent in wonderful company. My friends took me out for a delicious poke + wings dinner at Pa’ina (a belated bday get-together), because I was invited to a screening of The Intern at the Kabuki Theater right next door. The food was absolutely delicious, full of flavor and very satisfying. Apparently Pa’ina has Wing Wednesdays, so wings are 25 cents a pop. How ridiculous is that?? If you ever go to this spot, make sure you get the Garlic Cilantro wings; they were definitely my favorite, though all were delicious. We also had the Island Style Poke and the Wasabi Poke – both delightful, and the fish was really fresh. It was the perfect meal to prepare me for what ended up being a spontaneous night in Japantown SF, snapping photos, with a few drinks and lots of karaoke.

All photos of me were taken by Hoang of CreativeSession. I love his eye, and he’s not even a photographer! View the full photo set when you click into the post.IMG_9213 IMG_9214 IMG_9218 IMG_9219 IMG_9224IMG_9249IMG_9265IMG_9279IMG_9300IMG_9317IMG_9343



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