Spring/Summer Beauty Basics.

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I’m not a huge makeup person at all, but I do know that a there are simple tricks that are quick and easy for putting your best face forward. In my opinion, 2 products that you can apply to instantly give your face some life and color without making it seem like you’re trying: a great bronzer and a great lip gloss. I can guarantee you that even if you had both of these on and nothing else, you would look like you actually took some time to get ready.

A great lip gloss adds volume and dimension to your lips, because the sheen creates highlights in places regular skin won’t. Moisturized lips are tell-tale signs of hydration, so a little gloss can breathe life into your face. The two lip glosses I have here are Anastasia Beverly Hills in “Orchid” and “Vintage”. What I love about them is their consistency is thick and velvety, and they’re highly pigmented so you won’t need to apply nearly as much as you would other glosses. “Vintage” is a more natural/nude hue, while “Orchid” is a rich magenta.

Bronzer can really help define a face when done right. It brings out your cheekbones and embellishes your complexion by placing focus on areas that have actual shape. Make sure to choose bronzers that enhance your natural skin tone versus mask it, because you want it to look like natural as possible, like a sunkissed glow. The bronzers I have here are all from the Too Faced #BRONZERWARDOBE. My favorite that I’ve tried so far is Sun Bunny, it goes on really smooth and even, and really only needs a single application. Perfect for my skin color too.



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