• Style Artisan Feature on Suspend Mag.
  • Style Artisan Feature on Suspend Mag.

Style Artisan Feature on Suspend Mag.

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I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating a bunch with 2 very special young ladies, Diane Abapo of Suspend Magazine and Leslie Corpuz of The NBTWN who also contributes to the mag. As fellow creatives in the industry and some of the most genuine people I’ve come across in LA, I am blessed to be in their company whenever we hang out.

They’ve featured me on Suspend Magazine as a jumpstart to their Style Artisan series, and I am both humbled and flattered by the notion. Suspend is a lifestyle magazine that is for the creatives, by the creatives, with well thought out content and compelling imagery. Upon attending their Issue 05 Release Party last Friday, it is very clear that they’re headed in the right direction, because they had tons of supporters present, readers and influencers alike. Please take the time to check it out,Β I had a lot of fun answering their questions! Plus, Diane captured some great images (a couple posted here above).



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