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T.O.T. in Little Tokyo.

T.O.T. in Little Tokyo.

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Last night my friends and I wanted to try a new place for dinner, and because I had been craving soup all day, we ended up at T.O.T. in Little Tokyo. We started with the Shrimp Shumai (fried) and then I had the Spicy Chicken Bowl, which was a combo of a small side salad, a bowl of battered chicken over white rice, and a bowl of udon with seaweed. Overall, the meal was really tasty and it hit the spot, my only notes would be that I wished the shrimp shumai had less mayonnaise, and the salad consisted of more nutrient-rich greens rather than iceberg lettuce. I also wished our server was more attentive, but the busboy made up for his lack of service. The chicken was cooked perfectly with a slightly crispy crust and juicy on the inside, topped with green onions that added the perfect kick of flavor. The udon was the right consistency as well. All very minor qualms aside, I’d definitely come back to this place.

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