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Raden: The Intersection of Travel, Tech, and Taste.

I've been searching for the perfect luggage for a really long time - for that perfect design that's both incredibly smart, and extremely stylish. Because my blog focuses on travel, tech, and taste, I was on the hunt for luggage that's the intersection of all 3; but while it seems like it should be the standard, my search proved otherwise. While there are several on the market with tons of features, new and innovative designs, and pleasing aesthetics, I found that if one leaned heavier towards one aspect, it was often lacking[...]

Traveling in Style With Gabbiano Luggage.

I never thought I'd actually really care about what my luggage looked like, because for the most part, the only people who really see you when you travel are the TSA and airline workers - no need to impress there. But functionality, durability, and security have always mattered to me. Travel can be quite the hassle on its own, so the last thing I want or need is luggage that slows me down or is too easily accessible (and I've had both). Thanks to the heavy amount of traveling I've done this year, I've tested various si[...]
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DSCVRD: Trunkster

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Ladies and gents, I'd like to introduce you to Trunkster. These guys aren't joking when they say they're revolutionizing travel and luggage. Its sleek, minimalist design, coupled with its array of ingenious so-obviously-functional-why-hadn't-anyone-done-these-before features (like a built-in power supply and zipperless entry) makes it something truly worth investing in, especially if you're a traveler. If you take a minute to watch the video above, I have no doubt it'll make you a supporter/believer, just as it did me. I[...]