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San Francisco

Old Memories, New Room.

One of my favorite things about taking photos everywhere I go, is being able to fill my personal spaces up with those beautiful memories so that I can look back on them and relive them whenever I please. In an increasingly digital age, I think it's important to have tangible copies of your photos, whether framed, in a photo book,Β or in a photo album. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe there's something very powerful about seeing your photos on surfaces outside of the digital interface; this way, they aren't consumed with[...]


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In this vlog I talk a little bit about my move back to SF, and the inspiration behind the interior design aesthetic I've chosen for my room. Plus I talk about all the amazing brands that I've been lucky enough to collaborate with to make my space truly beautiful and unique. This is the first of a few videos that highlight my room and the decorating process, and I'm so excited to share its progress with you as it nears completion! Stay tuned for some random funny bonus clips at the end. Please excuse my super unattractive[...]

Inspired Space.

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Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, creating an inspired living space has become a top priority of mine. When I think about "creating quality content" for my blog and social channels, I am often reminded of how important consistency is when trying to take this blogging thing seriously. The next logical thought then becomes why not make the place you live in also a space that you can shoot in every day, that not only acts as your bubble to create content within, but propels that notion forward by inspiring ideas and action[...]

Work Week is Over and I’m Daydreaming.

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It's Friday evening and thankfully I've put an intense work week behind me, my apologies for my absence this week! I'm currently seated in the sky, on a plane to San Francisco, and I'm so excited to be home for a bit with family. Earlier this week I discovered the work of photographer Kristofer Johnsson who specializes in interiors and tablescapes, and I was mesmerized. The set designers and stylists he works with are immensely talented, and he captures their work immaculately. I don't think many people realize how hard it[...]